Previous Tier information not updating correctly

Past Season Tier Decision Criteria 

Final Solo Rank Tier at the end of the season 

-Tiers changed during the pre-season period are not applicable. 
-Free rank tier or the highest tier of the season is not applicable.

About Tier Modification 

If tier information isn't displayed correctly, it is most likely that your Summoner's stats aren't being updated correctly or are not registered on OP.GG. 

If you need to modify the previous season's tier, capture the reward icon you received after the season ends and send us the screenshot as shown below. We'll review and decide whether to modify it.

*Please note that tier level and LP cannot be modified.

Is it possible to modify just by authenticating the reward icon? 

Unfortunately, we do not have the right to view the final tiers of summoners' past seasons. 
If you have any information that can prove your final tier, please send it to us!