Spectate/Replay file won't open

Check the following if the spectate/replay files are not working properly: 

Q. I'm only seeing a black screen and nothing seems to be working. 

Check the patch version of the LoL client installed on your PC to make sure it is up to date. 

If you want to spectate pro matches, the latest patch must be installed. The patch versions of the replay and the client must be the same in order to watch the replay. 

Q. The directory is incorrect. 

Make sure the directory is properly set.

How to set the path 
Check path settings


Q. I received a bug report from the client. 

 A bug report could mean that there is a temporary problem with League of Legends. Try again later. 

You can report through the inquiry feature below if the problem persists.

Q. Will it work on mobile devices?

In order for the spectate/replay feature to work, the League of Legends client must be installed on the device. 

This means that it will not work on mobile devices since you cannot install the LoL client on mobile devices.

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