Spectate/Replay file is not running

If you were unable to play the spectate/replay files normally, please check the following.

Q. Black screen appears and nothing works. 

Please check the patch version of the LoL client installed on your PC. 

If you want to spectate pro matches the client must be patched to the latest version. 

To watch a replay, the patch version of the replay and the patch version of the installed client must be the same.

Q. The path is not correct.

Please check the client path.

How to set the path 
Check path settings


Q. A bug splat pops up on the client. 

This may be due to a temporary problem on the part of League of Legends

Please try again after a while, and if the problem persists, please report it through the inquiry button below. 

Q. Can I use the spectate/replay service on the Garena server? 

Please note that the structure of the Garena server is different from the main LoL server, so it's currently unable to provide the service. 

We'll continue to working on it.

Q. Can I play it on a mobile device? 

The game client must be installed for League of Legends display and playback features. 

Please understand that it is not available through mobile web/app.

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