Registering a pro player

Pro account registration is updated through reports from users or players.
Please fill out the report form through the 'Contact Us button below, and we will register after review.

  • Player name (player name / real name) 
  • Team name 
  • Summoner Name / Server 
  • Information that can identify the player 

Examples of identifiable information

1. URL to other sites that contain both player and summoner information  
2. Twitch or YouTube clip that can specify the player and summoner information
3. Other information that can identify the player

Please note that registration will be restricted if the information submitted is deemed insufficient or in the following cases.
In addition, if the account is already registered, it could be modified or deleted according to the criteria below.

  • Unused accounts with no recent play history or accounts with no record of solo ranked play
  • Unranked accounts in Solo Queue or low-tier accounts (less than diamond)
  • Players who have officially retired and are not playing in a league
  • Lower leagues or Not a Riot official professional league team

Please understand that only reports with identifiable sources are registered to prevent damage caused by false reports.