December 29, 2022 Patch Notes

Special features are now available!

Link your OP.GG account with your Riot account to access the exclusive features.

1. Verification Badge

A verification badge will be featured on the profile portrait of linked accounts.

2. My Tagline

Express yourself with a tagline. Share your motto, describe your playstyle, or just praise an OP champion that you like. Anything goes!

3. My Favorite Team

You can display your favorite team’s logo on your profile. You can select a team from any region, so proudly display your team colors!

4. Champion Cover Image

You can customize your profile page with champion and champion skin images. Choose from a variety of cool and colorful images to decorate your profile page.

5. Verified Summoner URL

You can create a URL to your profile page. Click on the ‘Verified Summoner URL” button to create the URL.

You can share your URL with other users by simply copying and pasting. Sharing your URL is an effective and easy way to share your information with your teammates in the lobby.

6. Match Memos

You can leave a memo for each match you’ve played. Try writing a memo on how well you’ve played or how you could have played better. Giving yourself feedback could help you improve your skills.

Don’t worry, only you can see your memo so try being as honest and straightforward as you can! 

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