Announcement Regarding Changes to OPGG Summoner Search Following the Implementation of the Riot ID System on November 21st

The Riot ID system has been applied in version 13.23. A Riot ID consists of a GAME NAME and a TAGLINE. You can check your Riot ID by logging in at and going to settings. Accordingly, the OPGG search system has also been revamped to align with the Riot ID. Now, start your OPGG search with your unique RIOT ID available across all global regions!

Changes to Riot ID Search

  1. You can search even if you don't know your tagline.

With the updated search window, you can directly move to your summoner page via the Riot ID check button.

  1. You can still search using your previous summoner nickname.[This feature may be removed later] If you've never set a tagline, a default tagline appropriate for your region is automatically assigned.

In the New OPGG search system, a user who first used a summoner nickname will still appear at the top of the search results after the change to the RIOT ID search system. (What happens if you search for 'Hide on bush', the most famous summoner name?)

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